Secure by default.
Userfriendly by design.

Soon about 25,000,000,000 devices will be connected to the Internet. Many of these are already not safe and represent a potential danger for their users and third parties.

The number of malicious attacks on Internet-based systems, devices and applications is increasing rapidly now. Cybercriminal attacks show, above all, one thing: our data is endangered and technical progress carries risks, at least if these systems are not secured accordingly. The human is also a not to be overlooked risk. If standard passwords are not changed or incorrect configurations are made, this can have fatal consequences. That’s why we’ve designed Avian to combine full cryptographic protection and the user-friendliness to ensure 100% security.

With Avian you can optimize your technical security and keep up with the digital progress at the same time.

Avian Features.
For safety on all levels.

Avian provides security at user, application and network level. We have developed new security features for full protection.

User safety

A not negligible risk factor is the user himself. Passwords are a relic of days gone by and are no longer up-to-date. With the Avian Handshake neither passwords must be entered nor complicated configurations need to be made in the future.


Avian is system- and platform agnostic. This means you can install Avian on almost any device and in almost any app. This also means that you can connect your products to the cloud provider of your choice using Avian. Due to the small footprint, even very weak computing units can guarantee a high degree of security.

Application security

The Avian security features Trusted Events, Trusted States, Trusted Policy are novel sophisticated procedures to protect data, encrypt device shadows, and control the behavior of your products.


Why should I trust Avian? Avian (or an elementary part thereof) is open source and has already been tested and certified by several institutes. We also have a very well-maintained demo…

Application security

Through an end-to-end encrypted connection, identity and integrity of all sent messages and data can always be guaranteed.



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Technical Details

So Things, Devices and Apps securely communicate with each other

Mission and Vision: Secured by Avian.

The Internet of Things is insecure – Avian will change that.

Hundreds of thousands of devices are being connected to the Internet daily. Customers expect intelligent systems and the competition is big. Under the great pressure of manufacturers, the safety of these systems is suffering.

Avian is the quality seal for security on the Internet of things. Just as you can rely on the brakes in a car with a TÜV seal, you can be confident with Avian that your equipment and data are protected.

Avian is a German software product focusing on IT security in the Internet of Things and Industry 4.0. With Avian, we can offer manufacturers of smart products fast and uncomplicated secure smart systems.


Find out about the latest developments in relation to the potential of new customer centric business models and measures for the safe implementation of these strategies.

The area of consumer technology is subject to constant change; Industry 4.0 is a keyword on everyone’s lips. The industry is characterized by disruptive innovations – through digitization and networking, new products emerge in rapid succession with increasing performance. The organizational and technical requirements that companies need to meet to protect their IT systems against cyber-attacks are getting higher. More and more data is being collected and the possibilities for using them are constantly increasing. Insights into the behavior and desires of users, customers and partners provide exciting options for improving the services and products.

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