Implementation of Avian.
That's how simple security can be.



Download the Avian SDK’s and implement them on the device and in your customer app.



The establishment of Avian is very simple. Read our detailed demo to learn how to proceed. If you have any questions, please contact our support team.



Put the Avian feature (e.g., QR code) onto the device and deliver the device to your customers.

Fast integration
Simple use
Secure networking

Use of Avian.
Scan, confirm – secure.

After the customer has purchased the smart product, there are only two simple steps left to safely connect the device to the Internet.


Scanning the feature: The customer scans with the customer app of the manufacturer the Avian feature, which is already on the device. The app sends the QR code as an identification feature to the Avian server. This redirects the request to the corresponding device to check whether it is an authorized request.


Confirmation on the device: The customer confirms the correctness of the request by pressing a button on the device and the work is done. No passwords or complicated configurations. Scan the barcode, confirm it on the device and finish it. In the background, the Avian system now provides digital identities using a patented process. For each communication of the participants over the network, they must authenticate themselves before the system. This prevents unauthorized persons from intervening or being able to issue themselves as authorized system participants.

Simple commissioning
Quality seal for safety

Avian – system architecture in detail.

Avian is the authentication system for your products and apps in the Internet of things. All system participants receive digital identities. This prevents unauthorized third parties from being in the system.

Avian is a system- and cloud-independent SDK and can be implemented in your products and apps. The patented process provides maximum security and user friendliness for you and your customers.


Avian Device SDK

The Avian Device SDK is written in C and is therefore executable in all common embedded systems. Hardware requirements: 112kB RAM, 352kB Flash / ROM, 10MHz process location clock, 32bit or better, operating system with network drivers such as Linux, Unix, but also FreeROTS, ThreadX, OpenWRT and much more.


Avian Key Server

The Avian Keyserver assigns certificates and keys to the respective system participants. This gives everyone an individual, digital identity. It is thus ruled out that unauthorized third parties can issue as system subscribers or switch between the communication.


Avian Mobile SDK

The Avian Mobile SDK is available with wrappers for iOS, Andorid and Windows, and can be integrated into all popular apps quickly and easily.