the Internet of Things

Avian securely connects smart products and apps to the cloud. Thereby your products, customers and their data are protected against cybercriminals.


Briefly and concisely

Avian is the authentication system for your products and apps in the Internet of things. All system participants receive digital identities. This prevents unauthorized third parties from being in the system.

Avian can be implemented in your products and apps. The patented process provides maximum security and user friendliness for you and your customers. This way personal data is protected and secure use of cloud services is made possible.

secured by avian

A strong solution

Use Avian to optimize your products, improve customer experience and open new business areas.

Protect your products, customers and their data

Smart devices are more frequently used abusively to harm the users or third parties. Avian excludes the abusive use of your products through strong cryptographic procedures and novel security features.

Shorten the launch time

In the age of industry 4.0 there is an enormous competitive and time pressure on manufacturers. Avian forms the secure data and server infrastructure without the need for know-how or specialist personnel. As a result, the product launch time is shortened.

Open new business areas

The Internet of Things offers the possibility to evaluate data and information about their products and customers in real time and personalized. Avian enables you to securely connect to the cloud, optimizing your products or opening new business.

Tailored to your needs

During the development, we made sure that Avian is tailored not only to your needs, but also to those of your customers.


Tailored to your platform

Avian is written in C and has corresponding wrappers for iOS, Android and Windows. Avian is therefore functional on nearly every embedded system and mobile platform.


Scaled along your business

Whether you are a small manufacturer or a large corporation, Avian scales through your cloud-based architecture to meet the challenges.

Maximum security and user friendliness

Our team has been working on the development of secure digital-physical systems for years. We have implemented new security features to ensure protection not only at cryptographic but also user level.

Strengthen the trust in your products

In the future, users will find it increasingly important that smart products are trustworthy and secure. Avian is a German software product, which is regularly tested and updated. Create the expected trust with Avian!

Make life easier for your customers

The commissioning of smart products is often complicated and uncertain. Due to the patented coupling process, no configurations or passwords have to be entered. The establishment is facilitated and the degree of safety is increased.

Secure your company

Because of the amended EU Data Protection Regulation, companies will be more accountable for data theft. Avian has been tested and certified by independent institutes. Regular updates keep your products up-to-date.

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