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Avian, the security system. In the security system.

A chain is only as strong as its weakest link. The same applies to security systems for the protection of persons and homeowners.

The advantages of a smart alarm system compared to an analog alarm system are obvious: Checking from the road whether everything is all right at home or removing the lock with a tap on the smartphone to grant the technician entrance. These and other possibilities are increasingly expected by the users - products should understand the customer, interact with him and bring an individual added value.


These developments mean a clear rethinking of providers: it will always address important customers in person and offer tailored added value in the form of services. Michael Michailidis, Managing Director of CM Security, a German quality provider of intruder alarm systems, has also been driving these developments. The developments of recent years, driven by digitalization, forced the company to rethink: customer-centric solutions are becoming more and more relevant. What initially looked like pure additional cost and complexity, has now turned out to be valuable. With intelligent systems, CM Security GmbH provides insights into customer and product usage behavior. These findings can be used to optimize existing products or even to open new areas of business and benefit the customer profitably.


Since security is the business of CM Security GmbH, it was already clear at the beginning: a strong partner in software security is needed. CM Security GmbH has decided to use Avian, because this solution is perfectly tailored to the requirements. Avian is a sophisticated system that provides very strong cryptographic protection even on weak computing units. The combination of software security at all levels and taking account of the human risk factor not only makes the installation easier for the customer, but also increases the degree of security once again.

Full power.

Instead of blackout.

The consequences of a hacker attack on the feed-in regulation would have devastating consequences for the whole country.

The company Solare Datensysteme GmbH is the world market leader in the field of energy monitoring systems for professional monitoring of photovoltaic systems. With a Solar-LogTM, damage to the PV system can be determined and the energy efficiency can be optimized by targeted control of the consumers. The bottom line is a more efficient utilization of the generated energy and higher yields for the customer.


To give the customer, the best possible management of his plants, the Solar-LogTM will come with reinforcement in the future: A customer app for the administration, monitoring and control of the systems and consumers. Thus, not only the interface of the Solar-LogTM is expanded and migrates (from the basement) into the customer's pocket, but also the customer connection to the manufacturer is strengthened. For the described scenario of the best seller "Blackout" by Marc Eisberg to not come true, the communication between Solar-LogTM, the app and the cloud must be secured accordingly. The consequences would be devastating if cybercriminals succeeded in obtaining access to the system to manipulate the feed-in regulation into the Federal German electricity grid on a sunny day. Avian represents the secure data and server infrastructure for the new Solar-LogTM system and, in addition to security, also enables the manufacturer to scale the systems worldwide.

Smart production.

With smart products.

In the manufacture of textile products, needles can break. The remaining needle parts in the product could injure end customers. The search for the fragments is wasting time and resources, thus the productivity decreases and the environmentally friendly disposal of the parts is also cost and time consuming.

The introduction of the Ideal Needle Handling concept represents a win-win-win situation for manufacturers and their employees, brand owners as well as for the end customer: Intelligent resource utilization, higher profits, faster order processing, improvement of the situation of the production staff and positive external effects are the advantages.

Probably the most important effect though, is the certainty that needle cracks are no longer a risk to the end user. Perceiving a company as fair, environmentally conscious and sustainable, increases the reputation in the eyes of clients and customers. The use and inclusion of INH in the standard procedure makes the handling of needles safer and thus facilitates the fulfillment of the requirements of a trademark owner.